“If it’s not any better, there is no reason to change it”
Heiner Wemhöner - Managing Partner 

From the rational of Mr. Wemhoner not to change what is working well, or what’s perceived as good enough haven withstood the test of time. BrandStar delivered a new Brand for the face of the Changzhou facility in China for 2015. I am happy to say the new Brand was such a great success that Mr. Wemhoner, a man with his convictions against unnecessary change adapted the new Brand for well forth generation, 90 years European facility in Herford, Germany.



Breaking ground in 2015 for Wemhoner’s 2nd plant in China the Changzhou division decided to established it’s any autonomy. Bold, clean, powerful and innovative not only describes the core business model with leading technology in floor laminates, but the plant as well down to the spotless manufacturing facilities. The successful Changzhou rebranding was also utilized for German headquarters outside a change in regional color scheme.

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