“巴德·弗莱彻先生是一位卓有成效的品牌创意设计师,我们非常 满意他设计的全套品牌成果,它不仅限于整套品牌的视觉系统,还包括公司室内、前台和标识设计。作为一名设计师,弗莱彻先生是非常富有创意的,积极的,有责任心的和乐于助人的,我们非常认可他的工作以及其具有个性化特征和高品质感觉的品牌设计,它为我们公司在商业活动中赢得了荣誉。”

仇克- 董事副总经理  

“Mr. Bud Fletcher is a extremely efective brand creative designer. We are very pleased with the results of our complete brand identity system. Which included not only the full set of Brand Visual Identity for our company, but the interior design, reception area, and signage. As a designer, Mr. Bud is very creative, positive, responsible and accommodating. We are very happy with his work, and his brand design process distinctive feature and sense of high quality, which win honor in the commercial activities for our company.”

- Frank Qiu - Director / Shanghai ofce


Orchestrating between Bauhaus and Chinese fung-shui transcending elements and geometrics in combination with an effective use of typography within the logo design differentiates AEAF from the overly simplified imagine of competitors in a very saturated market in Asia.

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