"BrandStar delivered the exact image and branding of our products we desired; delivered them on time and within our budget. A perfect fit for our industry."

Steve Larson - Marketing Director/Annitori Dist, Ltd.

赛车,作为一项运动,有趣和激情是最重要的,而 Annitori 品牌对此有着同样的内涵和追求。 Annitori 公司,是一家颇具规模的超过20年历史的高科技赛车设备供应商,最新的品牌形象,非常吻合Annitori在赛道上展示出来的尖端的产品形象。在美国众多的赛事中,你都能看到Annitori的身影,除了赞助各种比赛,Annitori还会赞助参加比赛的顶尖车手。


Racing, being the fun and exciting sport that it is makes it paramount the Annitori brand reflect the same drama & enthusiasm. Annitori Distributing Inc., a well established supplier for high-tech racing equipment for over 20 years updated it’s brand to correlate with the sophisticated products it showcases on and off the track. Annitori associates it’s brand sponsorship with events all throughout the USA, as well as supporting top riders in the field.

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