Having been in business for well over two decades, we had become complacent with our marketing materials which were, as we look back, generally devoid of any sense of corporate identity other than our logo. And with increased competition for the limited dollars available in our industry, it was believed that a serious “refresh” was unaffordable. Our previous attempts to establish our marketing direction ended in frustration, as those several firms with which we attempted to work, without fail, would request so much information, and monopolize so much of our time, that it seemed we were working for them! Invariably, at the culmination of these exercises, the results were lackluster. Having been familiar with the incredible graphic design and presentation talents of Mr. Fletcher from seeing his work years earlier, it was an easy decision to look to BrandStar for help. BrandStar’s staff requested some names of our competitors that continued to impress us, and asked us why. Then they set about uncovering the essence of what we do. They quickly learned not just about our industry but about how we serve our clients. BrandStar’s finished product shows that they not just understand what we do, but that they also understand what prospective clients would want to know about a service provider such as JDS Consultants, Inc. and our subsidiary companies, JDS Environmental and JDS National. And as our clients’ key decision makers become younger, BrandStar’s comprehension of new attitudes toward technology, and how that technology can be used effectively in this fast changing economy was eye-opening. BrandStar has developed a new brand for us, and the results are spectacular. We cannot recommend BrandStar strongly enough, and our future would not look as bright without them.

Stephen Nigborowicz / President JDS Consultants

“GIVE ME 5” Viral campaign to introduce JDS Consultants to new prospects as well as reconnecting with previous clients. Encapsulating the core business into a simplified message taking no time to drill down to the sweet spot, specifically, 5 minutes.

从事行业二十多年,我们变得自满与我们的营销材料,当我们回头,一般没有任何意义上的企业标识以外我们的标志。与有限的资金可用在我们这个行业的竞争加剧,它被认为严重的"刷新"是负担不起。 我们以前的尝试,以建立我们的营销方向而告终挫折,我们尝试工作,没有失败,那些几家公司会要求这么多的信息,以及垄断这么多的我们,好像我们正在为他们的时间 !无一例外,这些演习进入高潮时,结果是乏善可陈。 曾经熟悉的令人难以置信的图形设计和弗莱彻先生演示文稿才能看到他的工作年早些时候,这是一个容易的决定要到 BrandStar 寻求帮助。BrandStar 的工作人员要求我们的竞争对手,继续给我们留下深刻印象,问我们为什么一些名字。然后他们开始发现我们做的本质。他们很快会发现不只是对我们的行业,而是关于如何,我们为我们的客户提供服务。 BrandStar 的成品表明,他们不只是了解我们做什么,但是,他们也了解潜在客户想要了解 JDS 咨询公司和我们的附属公司,JDS 环境和 JDS 国家等服务提供商。我们客户的关键决策者变得更年轻,BrandStar 的理解的技术,和如何在这个快速变化的经济,这种技术可以有效的使用的新态度是令人大开眼界。 BrandStar 对我们来说,发展一个新的品牌,结果将是壮观。我们不能推荐 BrandStar 强烈是不够的和我们的未来不会没有他们一样明亮。

Stephen Nigborowicz / President JDS Consultants


After 30 years in business JDS Consultants, well know in the northeast of the US felt the need to reintroduce itself. The lead contact personal no longer sits behind a desk as typical for banks, investment groups or goverment agencies. it was important to reach out, reconnect, on the site (mobile), viral (through assoicates), or traditional desktop, (office) with the new update Brand, services.

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